1. Windy, wet or worse – what to do with your waste

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    Simple steps will help the collection of your recycling and rubbish during wet and windy weather in Somerset.

    As always, the advice during bad weather is to leave refuse and recycling on the edge of your property by 7am (collection times can vary) and no earlier than the night before.

    On very windy days, loose materials should be weighed down, such as by stacking boxes with the locked food waste container on top. If possible, put containers in a sheltered spot at the edge of your property where they can still be easily seen. 

    Alternatively, you could store items until your next collection, or take materials to a recycling site.

    Collections usually continue until 4pm and may be later if weather delays crews. If put out correctly and your waste is not collected, contact your district council customer services to arrange a return collection.

    Collection crews clear up materials they drop or spill and may be able to pick up items blown close to containers, but cannot collect those blown down the street.

    Your waste remains your responsibility until it is collected. Please do all you can to avoid wind-blown material and report any serious litter problems to your district council customer services.

    The only recycled materials for which extra care needs to be taken in rain are textiles, clothes, and shoes. To ensure they stay dry, textiles should be placed in bags (not black sacks) while shoes should be tied in pairs and bagged.

  2. Revised Easter Waste Collections

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    Easter brings waste day changes for every household in Somerset.

    Pick-ups due on Good Friday 25 March will take place on Saturday 26 March.

    No collections on Easter Monday 28 March mean all that week’s kerbside services are one day later, including Friday pick-ups on Saturday 2 April.

    Clinical and garden waste collections will also be affected by the bank holidays and will be collected a day later than normal.

    All recycling sites remain on their usual schedules, with nine sites open on Good Friday 25 March, and all 16 on Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

    For festive waste reduction advice visit or Easter page.

  3. Grab a great value bargain bin now for your garden

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    The recycling powerhouse of a garden composting bin remains a great bargain for Somerset residents.

    The 220 litre black composter is still available for just £17.98, while the 330 litre black composter remains at £19.98.

    Order two – perhaps with a friend, relative or neighbour – and there is a buy-one-get-one-half-price deal on both sizes of compost bin. All prices are plus delivery.

    The lower cost compost bins and special deals are only available through Somerset Waste Partnership supplier

    A compost bin is a recycling powerhouse, offering high-value free soil conditioner, fertiliser and mulch in exchange for waste from your garden and kitchen.

    As well as all garden waste, composting benefits from adding certain foods – fruit and veg peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells – and some shredded cardboard.

    Your nutrient-rich free compost can improve your garden’s flowers, fruit and veg, it helps keep organic material from landfill, and making compost is good exercise.

    Natural home-produced compost helps improve the soil structure, maintain moisture levels and keep plants healthy.

    The recycled plastic Compost Converter is UV-stabilised to prevent degradation, and retain both heat and moisture levels.

    Other features include an extra wide hatch for easy access to finished compost. No assembly is required.

    To order compost bins, visit or call 0844 571 4444.

    SWP has useful advice on all aspects of composting, as well as details of garden waste collections: www