1. Bank holiday means one day later collections all week

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    The Spring May Bank Holiday on 30 May brings collection day changes for every household in Somerset.

    No collections on Bank Holiday Monday 30 May mean kerbside services in that week are all one day later, including Friday pick-ups on Saturday 4 June. That includes rubbish and recycling, and assisted, clinical and garden waste collections.

    Recycling sites remain on their usual schedules throughout the week, including all sites opening on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

    On Saturday, all 16 sites open at 8am and close at 4pm; on Sunday, the “Big5” sites – Bridgwater, Frome, Minehead, Taunton and Yeovil – are open 8am-4pm, while the other 11 are open 8am-1pm; and on Monday, the Big5 sites are open 8am-4pm, while the other 11 are open 8am to “latenite” 7pm.

    Recycling sites will be busy over the weekend so if it is possible, especially if you use a horsebox, double-axle trailer or large van with twin rear tyres, dodge the queues by going at a usually quieter time.

    These less busy times are: Monday 8am-10am (16 sites), Monday 4pm-7pm (11 sites), Tuesday-Wednesday 8am-10am (12 sites) or Thursday-Friday 8am-10am (nine sites).

    Buying garden furniture, white goods or big electrical items packed in lots of cardboard over the bank holiday weekend? Remember to flatten all card and put out for kerbside collection no more than the equivalent of two recycling boxes full.

    Fast rising levels of cardboard mean that the card chamber on recycling trucks can quickly get full, giving crews the choice of leaving card behind to continue collecting other items, or trundling back to the depot to drop off the card and risk late or missed collections on their recycling route.

    To avoid missed card or missed collections, you could consider:

    • If your purchase is not fragile, taking it away unpacked, leaving the card at the supermarket, garden centre or other store.
    • If it is delivered, getting the crew who brought the item to take away all the packaging.
    • If you have storage, put out some card each week until it is all gone.
    • If you have time and transport, take all recycling except food waste to a recycling site.

    After 30 May, the next bank holiday will be on Monday Monday 29 August, with all collections in that week  one day later, including Friday pick-ups on Saturday 3 September.


  2. ‘Library of things’ wins big cash grant to boost reuse

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    Somerset’s first “library of things” has secured a major grant to cut waste, foster repair and encourage reuse of electrical and electronic products.

    SHARE Frome will receive £18,020 thanks to a successful bid by Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) to a special fund at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

    Based in a shop at The Bridge in the centre of Frome, SHARE was set up by a team of young unemployed apprentices working with the Town Council and the charity Edventure.

    For a small fee, it loans out a wide range of tools, toys, equipment, sports gear and musical instruments that have been donated or lent to the library.

    The aim is for people to borrow what they need, saving money and avoiding the waste of costly items gathering dust, such as the average drill, which is used for just a few minutes in its lifetime.

    The new funding has enabled SHARE Frome to promote the reuse of electrical appliances, including its recently launched weekly repair sessions for two hours every Saturday morning.

    Expert volunteers help owners to repair items they bring in, from small electrical items like toasters, toys or kettles to tools, gadgets and computers.

    A SWP spokesman said: “We are delighted that the bid was successful so SHARE Frome can expand its excellent work as a library of things.

    “As well as offering immediate practical help, the repair cafe is an inspiration to us all to repair and reuse what we have rather than throwing items away.

    “We hope other towns and villages visit SHARE to see a great example of how to cut waste, reuse more and bring together communities while supporting employment, enterprise and skills.”

    Frome Town Council Resilience Officer Anna Francis said: “This grant is an important boost and recognition for SHARE Frome, and will enable it to offer more services to the public that will save them money, cut down on waste and encourage reuse.

    “Thanks to this grant and our great volunteers, the Saturday morning repair café is proving a wonderful example of reuse in action; helping people build their skills and confidence in repair, delivering a valued service and keeping items working and so out of landfill or recycling.”

    SHARE is open 10am-4pm Wednesday and Saturday, and 12noon-6pm Thursday and Friday at 3a The Bridge, Frome, BA11 1AR. During opening hours, it can be contacted on 07983 639 611.

    For more on SHARE’s work, visit its website here, like its Facebook page, or follow @SHARE_frome on Twitter.

    And check this SWP web page for more you can do to reduce waste or reuse and repair items.