All kerbside waste collections back to usual days

All kerbside waste collections are back on their usual schedules from this week, including recycling and rubbish pick-ups, as well as garden, clinical and assisted collections.

Recycling, rubbish and garden waste bins and boxes should be out by 7am on the day of collection.

As ever, those with clinical waste collections should put their containers out the night before because of the crews early start time.

The advice on what to put out for collection and how is clear:


  • Rubbish bins should have their lids closed with no “side waste” on top or beside the bin, or households without a bin can put out up to four black sacks.
  • For recycling, take tops off and rinse containers, squash all except glass and aerosols, sort and roughly segregate items in boxes without leaving in plastic bags.
  • Flatten all card, and put out for kerbside collection no more than the equivalent of two recycling boxes full.
  • Check what we take and do not accept, only put out what is on the list. When in doubt, check or leave it out.


Fast rising levels of cardboard mean that the card chamber on recycling trucks can quickly get full.

This gives crews the choice of leaving card behind to continue collecting other items, or driving back to the depot to drop off the card and risk late or missed collections on their recycling route.

To avoid missed card or missed collections, you could consider:


  • If your packaged purchase is not fragile, taking it away unpacked, leaving the card at the supermarket, garden centre or other store.
  • If a big item in cardboard is delivered, getting the crew who brought the item to take away all the packaging.
  • If you have storage, put out some card each week until it is all gone.
  • If you have time and transport, take all card and other recycling except food waste to a recycling site.


The next bank holiday will be on Monday 29 August, with all collections in that week  one day later, including Friday pick-ups on Saturday 3 September.

PS: Recycling sites are getting busier with the better summer weather, and bigger vehicles can be a cause of greater congestion, from delays and problems parking to the time they take unloading large amounts of materials.

So the advice is to dodge the queues by going at a usually quieter time, especially if you use a horsebox, double-axle trailer or large van.

These less busy times are: Monday 8am-10am (16 sites), Monday 4pm-7pm (11 sites), Tuesday-Wednesday 8am-10am (12 sites) or Thursday-Friday 8am-10am (nine sites).

The check which sites are open when, visit the recycling sites pages.