Van, pick-up, trailer? Apply here for a site permit


If visiting a recycling site in Somerset with your household waste you may need a permit depending on the type of vehicle you are using, or if towing a trailer.  Please be aware there are restrictions on both vehicle and trailer size.

Permits are only available to Somerset residents. Permits are free and must be taken to site and displayed on each and every visit.

Do I need a permit?

This predominantly depends on the DVLA vehicle classification of your vehicle category which can be found by using the link to the DVLA website provided here.  Look up your vehicle details and check the classification shown in the line called “Vehicle Type Approval”.

Needs a permit:

  • – Vehicles with an ‘N1’ classification, which means ‘designed and constructed for the carriage of goods under 3.5 tonnes’, such as: vans, pick-ups and some Land Rovers.
  • – Campervan or minibus with ‘N1’ or ‘M1’ classification.
  • – Single-axle trailer of up to three-metre floor length (but only if towed by a car with ‘M1’ classification). Vehicles that require a permit cannot tow a trailer under any circumstances.

Not allowed:

  • – Any vehicle with neither ‘M1’ nor ‘N1’ classification (such as ‘M2’, ‘M3’, ‘N2’, ‘N3’).
  • – Any Luton van or box van, regardless of classification.
  • – Single axle trailer over three-metres floor length.
  • – Any multi-axle trailer.
  • – Horse box, agricultural vehicle, agricultural trailer.

No permit needed unless towing trailer:

  • – Any vehicle, (except camper vans or minibuses), with M1 classification, which means it was ‘designed and constructed for the carriage of people and comprising no more than 8 seats in addition to the drivers seat’, such as: almost all cars, estates, people carriers and some Land Rovers. Only these vehicles may tow a trailer on to a site.

Click here to check your vehicle registration

Click here to order your free van or trailer permit (Somerset addresses only, instant email or download confirmation; 10 working days delivery of permit card).
Check the frequently asked questions about the new measures and how the permit system will work.
Check the van and trailer permit terms and conditions, and the data terms and conditions.
Check how the new measures and permit system will affect business users with paid-for trade waste.

These vehicles cannot access sites while towing trailers: vans, pick-ups, campervans, minibuses, Land Rover pick-ups. There are no exceptions to this condition. Multi-axle trailers cannot access sites. There are no exceptions to this condition.

Permits allow use at open sites during normal operating hours.  Permits are only available at Somerset residential addresses.

If you are a business user, you do not need a permit to start or continue using the 10 recycling sites that take paid-for trade waste but check here for details of access and vehicle changes.

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