Nab the unusual suspects to raise your clear-up rate

Hiding in plain sight are a gang of energy guzzling, materials consuming, money wasting characters who Somerset families should be giving a better future.

These are the often-missed “unusual suspects”, all those containers or bits of packaging that can easily get overlooked, heading into the rubbish bin and off to landfill instead of being recycled.

Recycle Week 2016 during 12-18 September is a great excuse to look again at what your family is recycling, and to ensure that nothing misses the chance to become useful once more.

Somerset residents recycle plenty of plastic bottles, food and drink cans, jam jars, cardboard boxes and newspapers, but it is all too easy to overlook other items around the house.

What of aerosols, foil trays, beauty crème jars and toilet roll tubes? Boxes from toothpaste and tissues, bottles from perfume or aftershave? Spray cleaners and liquid soap dispensers?

Often found in rooms with no recycling container – the bedroom and bathroom are likely hide-outs – recycling all these could save plenty of cash, materials and energy.

Experts have worked out that if everyone in the UK recycled one aluminium aerosol, the energy saved could vacuum 480,000 homes for a year

And recycling just one humble toothpaste box each could save enough energy to run 2,000 home fridges for a year.

A Somerset Waste Partnership spokesman said: “It’s important to raise awareness of those unusual suspects that today may be getting away scot free.

“Recycling is already making a big difference thanks to the dedication of many Somerset residents but there is more that we could all easily do.

“Recycle Week is an ideal opportunity to really take a fresh look at our recycling habits to see what more is possible.”

“Every tonne of recycled materials collected in Somerset becomes new products or packaging; nothing is lost, so it is time to round up those unusual suspects to add to the haul.”

Check the home collections page for more details, including what to recycle and how.