Positive start for new recycling sites measures

Efforts to cut congestion at Somerset’s 16 recycling sites have seen a positive first day with lighter than usual traffic as hundreds of customers arrived with their official permits.

New measures aim to reduce queues, exclude out-of-county visitors, tackle illegal commercial users, improve services, maintain efficiency and enhance safety.

As well as excluding large, heavily laden and hard-to-manoeuvre vehicles, the changes mean most vans, pick-ups and car-towed trailers need a permit available only to Somerset residents.

With 10,000 applications for permits logged as the new measures started at 8am today, the scheme is already proving its worth by excluding thousands of out-of-county “waste tourists”.

Today saw fewer vans and pick-ups than usual at many sites, allowing the vast majority of Somerset residents – who use their cars without trailers – a swift, smooth and safe visit.

Helpful site staff provided one-use passes to those who had forgotten their permits or had not heard about the scheme via newspaper adverts, recycling site leaflets or online publicity

And customers are being advised that while permits take 10 working days to arrive, applications take just a minute and an email confirmation provides an instant temporary pass.

For more details of the new measures and which vehicles and trailers are affected, visit: www.somersetwaste.gov.uk