Do not dump those plastic bottles in your landfill bin

Are you sure you are recycling all the plastic bottles from around your home?  Are you quite sure?  The Somerset kerbside recycling service accepts more bottles than just those that contained milk or fizzy drinks.  So what do we take?

We accept a whole host of plastic bottles.  From the kitchen and bathroom we take every day cleaning product bottles – loo cleaners including bleach bottles, fabric conditioners and washing up bottles.  From your bedroom, finished cosmetic and cleansing bottles, as well as grooming products such as liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Whatever the colour size or shape –it does not matter what type of plastic the bottle is made from (ignore the number against a triangle, that is for trade use only) – if it is bottle-shaped then it should be placed in the black kerbside recycling container.

According to Recycle Now,  of the 480 plastic bottles used by the average household each year, only 270 are recycled.  This means a whopping 44% are still being put in the rubbish bin.  Is that what you do?

So next time you are sorting out your rubbish, make sure there are no plastic bottles heading for landfill and pop them out for recycling instead.

We do not currently collect other types of plastic, such as plastic bags, meat trays, fruit punnets, yoghurt pot or margarine tubs for recycling at the kerbside.  We are seeking economically and environmentally sustainable methods of adding these to the kerbside service and we will let you know if the plastic products we take for recycling is expanded.  So if you are not a subscriber, do sign-up below to receive our monthly e-newsletter.

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