Recycling your plastic bottles could not be simpler

Once you have used up the contents of plastic bottles from around your home – from drink, cosmetic, cleaning and grooming, they should go into your recycling box, not the landfill bin.

Simply empty the contents, give the bottles a rinse to remove the residue using left-over washing-up water.  This is particularly important if the bottles have contained cleaning products such as bleach. There is no need to peel off labels, but do remove all lids, pumps or trigger spray tops and handles or removable spouts.  Put these in your rubbish as they currently cannot be recycled.

As plastic bottles are bulky (but lightweight), squash the bottles to save space and pop the bottles into your black (box 2) recycling box.

Once collected for recycling, plastic bottles can be turned back into other plastic bottles, or they may be turned into fabrics and used to make fleece jackets or even football tops.  Some plastics are used to make furniture items or even children’s toys.

According to WRAP – the Waste and Resources Action Programme – Recycling one tonne of plastic bottles saves ¾ tonne of carbon – this is the equivalent of travelling nearly 2,500 miles in an average car.  So do your bit to ensure that every plastic bottle from your home goes for recycling.

We do not currently collect other types of plastic, such as plastic bags, meat trays, fruit punnets, yoghurt pot or margarine tubs for recycling at the kerbside.  We are seeking economically and environmentally sustainable methods of adding these to the kerbside service and we will let you know if the plastic products we take for recycling is expanded.  So if you are not a subscriber, do sign-up below to receive Sorted! our monthly e-newsletter.

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