Windy, wet or worse – full weather and waste guide

Wet and windy weather can affect kerbside collections and recycling sites. Please find below our advice on weather and waste, including dealing with high winds to prevent your waste becoming a mess down your street. Until your waste is collected, it remains your responsibility.


High winds, rain, ice and snow can all hamper kerbside collections, and with landfill costing Somerset families £12.2m this year, it is a good time to “box clever” to save money, recycle more and waste less:

•In bad weather, check forecasts, fill containers carefully, weigh down loose materials, stack boxes with the locked food waste bin on top, and – if possible – leave in a visible but sheltered spot so recycling and refuse does not create a mess. Your waste remains your responsibility until it is collected. Except for textiles, clothes or shoes (keep dry in plastic bags, not black sacks), wet recycling is not a problem. In severe weather, services may be delayed or suspended; check the Somerset Waste Partnership website for latest news.

•Sort and roughly segregate materials in your boxes, without using carrier bags, to speed up collections. Squash all except glass and aerosols to reduce the risk of light items, such as plastic bottles or drinks cans, being blown out of boxes. 

•If you have storage space and too much recycling for one week, fill but do not overfill your boxes over two or more weeks. And consider visiting a recycling site to clear all your waste with no wait or worry.

•Do not put anything that could be recycled – bottles, cans, card, paper and more, from clothes to foil – into your refuse bin or black sacks.

•Put waste food in its kerbside container (never in your refuse bin) for recycling into clean power via the Somerset anaerobic digestion plant; do not dump it in costly and polluting landfill to decay for decades.

•If there are delays to paid-for garden waste collections, options include home composting, taking garden waste to any open recycling site, or storing materials.

•Check when recycling sites are open near your routes to work or leisure.

•Finally, do help friends, family and neighbours to recycle more, waste less and save money. Pass on good advice, let them know about changes in services, and help anyone elderly, infirm or disabled with containers (and remind them about our assisted collections service) or in taking excess materials to recycling sites.

What is open where and when

These recycling sites are open for refuse and all kerbside recycling materials (if food waste must be discarded, double bag and place in “cannot recycle here” skip) and check here for what other materials are taken where:

Mondays 8am-4pm: Bridgwater, Frome, Minehead, Taunton, Yeovil. Mondays 8am-7pm: Castle Cary (Dimmer), Chard, Cheddar, Crewkerne (£2 entry fee), Dulverton (£2 entry fee), Highbridge, Somerton, Street, Wellington, Wells (Dulcote), Williton.

Tuesdays-Wednesdays 8am-4pm: Bridgwater, Castle Cary, Cheddar, Crewkerne (£2 entry fee), Dulverton (£2 entry fee), Frome, Minehead, Street, Taunton, Wellington, Williton, Yeovil.

Thursdays-Fridays 8am-4pm: Bridgwater, Chard, Frome, Highbridge, Minehead, Somerton, Taunton, Wells (Dulcote), Yeovil.

Saturdays 8am-4pm: All 16 sites.

Sundays 8am-1pm: Castle Cary (Dimmer), Chard, Cheddar, Crewkerne (£2 entry fee), Dulverton (£2 entry fee), Highbridge, Somerton, Street, Wellington, Wells (Dulcote), Williton.  Sundays 8am-4pm: Bridgwater, Frome, Minehead, Taunton, Yeovil.

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