Coping with your cardboard: tear, slice, crush, flatten

Large ticket items purchased through on-line sales can result in packaging mountains descending on homes.  As a quick fix, many residents pile up the cardboard on their recycling day, which can cause problems for crews working hard to complete their rounds.

Please do not overload your kerbside collection service.  Once the cardboard container on a truck becomes full, the vehicle has to go back to the depot to off-load, even if the other material collection pods – known as stillages – are empty.

This can lead to delays, potential missed collections and disruptions to services. As a maximum, please only present the equivalent of two kerbside boxes of cardboard.  Flatten boxes, and cut up large sheets, so they can be easily slotted into the cardboard container on the vehicles.

If you have more than two recycling boxes of card, and if you have time and transport, drop it off when passing a recycling site, as their cardboard skips can cope with the bigger sheets and larger boxes (boxes should still be flattened).  If you do not have transport, try to lessen the load by storing any excess cardboard and putting it out over a number of weeks.

However you recycle your cardboard, ensure it stays free of contamination that adds to the cost and complexity of reprocessing, from food waste or broken glass to items we do not collect at the kerbside, such as plastic film or drink cartons.

In terms of options for your card, there may be others in your community, such as allotment users or keen gardeners, who would be most grateful for large sheets of cardboard, which they can use as a weed suppressing mat instead of using chemical herbicides.

You could place a notice on your local Freecycle or Freegle internet group or the equivalent on Facebook, or on your village noticeboard or website, as sturdy boxes are often welcomed by those packing up before a house move.  They may also be interested in reusing the packaging fillers or brown paper to protect their possessions, too.

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