Get composting for Compost Awareness Week

During Compost Awareness Week, Somerset Waste Partnership is encouraging more residents to get composting with a fantastic offer promoted in partnership with

Residents can purchase discounted compost converters from as little as *£17.98 and with the fantastic “Buy One Get One Half Price” offer, residents can purchase a second compost converter from only *£8.99 (RRP £39). As well as compost bins, you will also find food waste digesters and hot composters.

Home composting is an easy and effective way of recycling some of the daily waste we produce, while providing significant benefits for our gardens.  Here are the top 10 benefits of home composting:
•    It is a natural process that creates valuable, nutrient-rich garden food
•    Easy to make and easy to use
•    Can improve soil structure
•    Maintains moisture levels
•    Keeps soil PH balance in check
•    Suppresses plant disease
•    Reduces carbon emissions
•    Avoids polluting bonfires
•    Cheaper than commercial compost
•    Saves council tax being spent on landfilling potential compost ingredients

There are a range of compost bins and accessories available to suit new recruits and seasoned gardeners alike.  For full details or to order visit, or call 0844 571 4444.

The buy one get one half price offer is available on selected products. A one-off delivery charge of *£5.99 applies.