Clear advice: simple ways to great glass recycling

The kerbside collection service is a convenient way to recycle your old glass bottles and jars.  These can be of any colour and from soft or alcoholic drinks, jars that have contained jams, pickles, sauces and even bottles that have contained non-food items such as perfume and toiletries.  Just remove any caps, lids, decorations and give the items a quick clean.  Steel lids from jam jars can be recycled by – if possible and safe, taking care for sharp edges – trapping them inside a steel food can in the same way as can lids.

As our kerbside boxes are sorted by hand by the crews, please do not put in broken glass in order to avoid accidents and reduce litter.  If you do break a bottle or jar, collect up the shards, wrap the contents in newspaper, seal in a plastic bag and pop in your general refuse.

Unfortunately there are other glass items from around the home we cannot recycle via the kerbside service.  These are items such as glass vases, drinking glasses, mirrors, glass cooking and dining ware including Pyrex, plate and window glass and light-bulbs.

These items are made with different chemical properties and during the recycling process do not melt at the same temperature as bottles and jars.  This causes faults in the newly made glass, adding to manufacturing waste.

If you have unwanted items such as these and they are still reusable, try donating them to charity or selling them on-line. Alternatively, dispose of these (except light bulbs) in your refuse bin or take to a recycling site.  Please put fluorescent tubes and low-energy light bulbs into the relevant containers available at all sites.

If you are changing your windows and the installer does not take the old windows away, you may find an outlet for them on Freegle or Freecycle.  Many gardeners can find a new home for window glass as a cloche, cool frame or mini glasshouse.

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