Somerset Waste Board

The Somerset Waste Partnership is the executive arm of the Somerset Waste Board, which consists of two Members nominated by each of the six Councils in Somerset.

Somerset Waste Board meeting details and papers are published by Somerset County Council, which provides administrative functions to Somerset Waste Partnership.


Somerset Waste Board has adopted the following vision to inform the development of annual business plans for Somerset Waste Partnership:

    • To play a major role in the process of maximising resource-efficiency and minimising the overall carbon impact of Somerset’s economy through innovative thinking, leadership and proactive service development.
    • To do this in a way that involves and challenges householders and small businesses to avoid waste in the first place and assist them to recycle, compost or recover energy value from what remains.
    • To continue to demonstrate class leading value for money, transparency and accountability while making further efficiencies. Where any changes to services are required to be made, we will aim to make them in a way that minimises any potential adverse consequences for the community, the partners and the local economy.

Members of Somerset Waste Board

Mendip District Council: Councillors Nigel Woollcombe-Adams (Vice Chairman), Nigel Taylor

Sedgemoor District Council: Councillors Dawn HillGill Slocombe

Somerset County Council: Councillors  David Hall, Clare Aparicio Paul

South Somerset District Council: Councillors  Jo Roundell Greene, Derek Yeomans (Chairman)

Taunton Deane Borough Council: Councillors Patrick Berry, Steve Ross

West Somerset District Council: Councillors Martin Dewdney, Brenda Maitland-Walker

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