Arranging collections

General advice on setting up a collection and finding a contractor

Many businesses find that they can save money by recycling some of their waste.

Somerset Waste Partnership provides charged for collections for businesses if requested, through our collection contractor. However, we recommend you shop around other contractors operating, to compare prices and get the best deal.

There are a number of licensed waste management companies who provide commercial waste and recycling collection services in Somerset listed on this website. There are also listings in Yellow Pages and similar directories.


Costs depend on the type of waste, the containers used and frequency of collection.

Unlike household waste and council tax, waste collections are not included in business rates.

By recycling some of your waste, may find you save money and be fulfilling your “Pre-Treatment regulations”. Landfill Tax, which is levied on refuse is increasing each year and is now £86.10 per tonne. This means that landfill is an expensive option and other options including recycling are better for the environment and for your books.