Hot weather and flies: advice on food containers

Take care and regularly empty food waste caddies in hot weather, as it creates conditions for the life-cycle of houseflies – from egg to maggot to pupa to fly – to come down to only 7-10 days. This applies whether food waste is put out with refuse or in food bins (although we hope you put out for recycling as that is much better than sending it to landfill). Following our standard advice to keep caddies clean and to stop flies from accessing food waste should ensure problems do not arise.

Ensure flies do not have access to your food waste, as then they can not lay their eggs on it. So keep the lid of your kitchen caddy closed or put your caddy in a closed cupboard. Caddies can be kept clean by using newspaper to wrap food waste or to line the caddy or by using special compostable liners that can be bought in many local shops. Tie liners off when putting into your external bin or ensure food waste is fully wrapped in newspaper, as shown in our You Tube video.

We recommend emptying your internal kitchen caddy regularly in hot weather and at least every 3-4 days. Also try to keep food bins out of direct sunlight. If you have a problem with maggots in your external food bin, it may help to put a couple of sheets of paper over the food waste and try to ensure it seals over it (while ensuring the food waste will still easily tip out). After your next collection, clean out your food caddy and bin. You can use washing-up liquid and white vinegar is an effective, environmentally-friendly disinfectant to use.

If your food waste bin or caddy is broken, free replacements can be ordered online.