Missed collections & new containers

Missed collections

Please leave refuse and recycling on the edge of your property by 7am (collection times can vary) and no earlier than the night before.

You can check your collection dates from our collection days page.

Collections usually continue until 4pm. If put out correctly and your waste has been missed, contact your local council customer services team to arrange a return collection, which are usually made within two working days.

Materials presented for recycling that we don’t collect will be left in the container and a card or tag should be left to explain.

During periods of severe weather, when collections may be disrupted by snow or ice, please visit our bad weather page for guidance and updates.

New or replacement containers or repairs

The following containers are usually provided for kerbside collections: two recycling boxes, small food waste bin and kitchen caddy, and wheeled bin for refuse.

If you move into a newly built property or an existing property without containers or need a replacement, please order recycling containers online to arrange for these to be delivered. There may be a delivery charge for new or replacement refuse and garden bins to be supplied and these can only be ordered through customer services.

If you are moving into a new development, please check with the developers before contacting us, as they may have already requested containers for the whole development.

Some damaged containers can be repaired, which can also be requested by contacting your local council customer services.

Please note that containers remain the property of Somerset Waste Partnership and should be left behind at the property if you move. Only garden waste bins can be taken with you if you move within Somerset, but please inform customer services. Otherwise, please leave bin at the property.

Please do not use your own bins or boxes as these may not be strong enough and it is unlikely that other bins or boxes will be compatible with our collection systems; so, for instance, making it difficult for crews to safely and easily sort materials on to recycling vehicles or to safely tip wheeled bins.

Bins and other containers supplied by Somerset Waste Partnership should be used solely to contain materials for collection by our contractors. They are not intended to be used for any other purpose and neither Somerset Waste Partnership nor our contractors will accept liability for loss or damage to items stored in SWP-supplied containers.