Domestic refuse is collected fortnightly.  If you have a wheeled bin for refuse, please use this.  If your property is unsuitable for a wheeled bin, up to 4 sacks of refuse will be accepted each collection.

Refuse should be put out on the edge of your property by 7am (as collection times can vary) and no earlier than the night before. Please take care not to obstruct pavements or roads and take bins back in as soon as possible after collections.

Sacks of refuse can be put inside your wheeled bin. The lid should be closed when put out and only refuse in the bin will be collected.  Extra refuse on top or alongside will not usually be taken.

Refuse collections

Only household waste not collected for recycling should be put out for refuse collection, including:

  • Plastic packaging (except bottles) and film
  • Vacuum cleaner contents
  • Cat, dog or other pet litter
  • Nappies (please consider using washable cloth nappies instead of disposables, which reduce waste and are also cheaper in the long run).
  • Cold ash (allow to cool before depositing in your bin and best to put in bags to prevent dust)
  • Contents of portable barbeques (allow to cool before depositing in your bin and best to put in bags; rinse and recycle the aluminium tray with other foil)
  • Broken glass (ensure it is carefully wrapped)

Please do not dispose of the following in your general refuse bin:

Extra Refuse

If you occasionally have extra household waste for disposal, this can be saved until your next collection or taken to a Recycling Centre or Community Recycling Site. If you regularly have extra household waste after separating materials for recycling, contact customer services for advice or to request additional refuse capacity.