Food waste improvement project 2015

Somerset Waste Partnership organised a project to increase food waste recycling and cut the amount going to landfill in March 2015. It built on earlier trials and covered 115,000 homes in Sedgemoor, Taunton Deane, and South Somerset’s Chard and Ilminster area.

A food recycling guide and supply of kitchen caddy liners were delivered to kerbside collection homes, with stickers reminding people to recycle food waste added to refuse bins.

Local people responded with a 20% increase in food waste recycled throughout the project area. This should mean an annual increase of 1,570 tonnes of food waste being recycled, saving Somerset council tax payers £51,000 every year.

Somerset Waste Partnership thanks residents for their impressive efforts increasing food waste recycling and urges them to keep up the great work.

As well as cash savings, there are strong environmental reasons to recycle food waste.

Food waste put in refuse bins is landfilled, decaying for decades and giving off methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide, helping drive climate change.

Recycled food waste is processed at a special plant near Bridgwater, where the biogas is used to generate clean renewable electricity and make compost used by local farmers.

PS: If you received some free liners for the project and these have run out, we regret we cannot send further supplies. Buy liners from local shops or use newspapers to wrap food waste or line your kitchen caddy. For information, see our guidance on keeping your caddy clean.