Join the repair revolution

It’s fun, social, helps to save money and reduces waste.

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For individuals: Find what skills your friends, family or colleagues have – maybe they are great at sewing, keen on woodwork, electronics or fixing computer problems. You could get together for a repair day and share skills.

For group projects: you could set up repair workshops. Repair workshops are a great way to reduce waste by teaching people the skills to repair items. They are a fantastic way to bring people together, share skills, give stuff a new lease of life, and help local people save money. It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness of your group and you can charge an entry fee to raise funds or cover costs.

Somerset Waste Partnership purchased a copy of the toolkit – this is available on request for local groups looking to set up repair event(s).

Click for help – online repair advice

There is a growing online community which supports fixing stuff by sharing helpful instructions and videos for free. You can look for advice online at places like includes a wide range of appliances, gadgets, household items, apparel, and musical instruments includes computers, electronics, general household and home improvements for home improvements has a wide range of repair guides as well as craft projects, with a helpful search filter to find what you need. If you suffer from allergies check out Sugru before you use. includes a variety of guides on how to make or repair things, search by category.

For free bicycle repair videos, tutorials and trouble- shooting, try or

sewing skillsFor sewing repairs and tips to make your clothes last longer

Check for courses available – either online learning or at your local colleges – to improve your skills, as well as local interest groups, like sewing clubs.

The above information is available as a downloadable repair handout (PDF 583 kB).

We would love to hear about your repair stories and any great online guides you find. Contact us via email.

Happy fixing.