Creative reuse: furniture

Fed up of tired old furniture? Don’t discard it! Repaint it, recover it, refresh it to give is a new lease of life. Have fun personalising your furniture into something you love.

Whether you upcycle it, repurpose it, repair it or simply clean it, there are many websites featuring showing how give tired, old, damaged furniture a make-over to extend its life.

The most comprehensive collection we have found is the 80+ great DIY furniture refinishing ideas and tutorials collated by Squidoo.

There is also a great collection of specific projects to give furniture a new lease of life from Browse suggestions from transforming a chest of drawers to revamping your garden furniture, and paint projects to upholstering.

Or check out these five ideas and tips on how to revamp furniture.

And for some examples of tutorials to help with specific projects, try


If furniture is no longer fit for its original use, you could extend its life by giving it a new purpose. Check out these clever examples.

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