Creative reuse: inspiring ideas

Rubbish is a resource in the wrong place. Change your perspective and create something useful or wonderful from often discarded stuff. The only limit is your imagination. Be inspired by these examples.

30 creative ways to repurpose & reuse old stuff
Creative reuse items – everyday items used creatively
10 more reuse ideas for food packaging

5 reuse ideas from MyZeroWaste
Rubbish to riches; dinosaur toy from recycled junk Creative reuse is fun for all ages!

This fun upcycled lamp was made from fabric softener bottle.
Old-style light bulbs make interesting vases.
Spectacular eye glass chandelier.
Wooden crutches were used to make a vintage shelf.

Extraordinary reuse

Extraordinary reuse projects – 10 amazing ways to recycle plastic bottles
Landfill Harmonic, the recycled orchestra

Fantastic “Rubbish Art”

See how rubbish can be beautiful, enjoy the reused, reclaimed and reimagined with Haute Nature and get a new perspective on the humble toilet roll tube.

More creative reuse ideas

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