Creative reuse: miscellaneous

Kids at a loose end on a wet weekend, half term or holidays? Below are some fun reuse projects for kids and adults alike, with great ideas for personal gifts or just thrifty ways to get something you need from “junk”.

Fun things to make from cans, CDs, corks, jars and more

Children, please ask your parents before starting any of these projects as some may require adult supervision. There are some great ideas for younger children at the bottom of this page.


Please be particularly careful of sharp edges and cutting implements. Children should ask permission before attempting can crafts as adult supervision is recommended. Not suitable for young children.

Can transformation (30s video) – tealite candle holder or ashtray
Turn cans into votive candle holder (step by step guide)
Can it – candle holders (video demo)
Coke can plane part one and part two (video tutorials) – when using a craft knife, please do not cut towards your body.


Crocheted hand bag using old CDs (video tutorial) – previous crochet experience helpful


Cork crafts


Simple decoupage jar


Use your creative skills – and save money
Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution (download a free arts and crafts handbook)
5 DIY recycled grocery bags
How to make a wallet from an old computer keyboard (video demonstration)
Orange candle
Waste not want not picture frames

Great ideas for younger children

Grow a Grass Head Monster
Homemade instruments and noisemakers
Castle Craft (from cardboard)
Fairytale Castle Craft (from cardboard)

For more creative reuse ideas

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