Creative reuse: plastics

Kids at a loose end on a wet weekend, half term or holidays? Below are some fun reuse projects for kids and adults alike, with great ideas for personal gifts or just thrifty ways to get something you need from discarded plastics.

Fun things to make from reused plastic

Children, please ask your parents before starting any of these projects as some may require adult supervision.

Plastic bottles

5 Plastic bottle crafts
How to make a woven vase from a plastic bottle (video tutorial)
Lots more plastic bottle crafts
Flower basket from a pop bottle by (video)
Recycled pop bottle flower – how to use pop bottles to make decorative flowers (video tutorial)
Recycled bottle helicopter
Cycle mudguards from plastic milk bottle
Plastic bottle submarine
Reusing a plastic bottle to grow cucumbers (video)

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Other plastics

Make a skipping rope from plastic bottles and braided carrier bags
Crocheting with plastic bags (video)
How to crochet a hat with plastic bags

How to make a wallet from a plastic juice pouch (video)
Turn a plastic or metal bucket into a rock planter

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