Community waste action

There is so much you can do as a community and so many ways to get involved. Waste action activities are great for raising the profile of your group, reaching new audiences, bringing people together, saving money, learning new skills, even boosting health and well-being – and they’re good for the environment too.

reduce reuse repair compostWe can all make better use of the things we have, from food to furniture, from gadgets to gardens, and sharing tips to make things last longer or giving them a new home.

So whether your group is involved directly in environmental issues, helps vulnerable or low income families, or is focussed on youth, disabled people, seniors, women, faith, ethnic minorities, community service or tenants, you could benefit from these project ideas.

Here are some activities ideas of ways to help your community:

You may also be inspired by ideas and community initiatives shared at our waste action conferences:

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