A better start for families with children

Raising a family brings many challenges and rewards. From baby’s first nappy to keeping up with growth spurts and the need for new clothes, you can support families with our suggestions to make household budgets go further and cut waste too.

Modern cloth nappies – not all nappies are rubbish.

mum with baby in modern reusable nappyHelp families in your community get a better start by sharing the benefits of modern cloth nappies.

The world of modern washable nappies has come a long way from terry squares, safety pins and the rubber knickers that your grandmother may have used and support groups can help families discover the best option(s) for them.

Modern cloth nappies are as easy as disposables to put on a baby, easy to care for and soft on babies’ bottoms. Cloth nappies are great for the environment by avoiding landfill and offer real savings compared to disposables over time.

There is a range of voluntary groups which offer friendly advice and support for families considering cloth nappies, including nappy library, nappy kits to buy and in some areas, talks and displays. For more information on cloth nappies and to find how your local group could help your community, visit our Reuse: Cloth nappies page.

young girl with toyHelping household budgets go further

Babies and young children soon grow out of clothes and get bored of toys. It’s a challenge keeping up with demands of family life on a tight budget, but you don’t always have to head to the shops to find what you need.

If your group supports families with young children, you can help them access the things they need through fun community reuse initiatives, like swap days, give boxes, or sharing initiatives like toy libraries.

Perhaps you could share skills on how to use online exchange sites, like Freecycle, to those who lack confidence using computers? Check your Community Voluntary Service to see if there are other groups offering help with computing in your area which could work with you.

You may also be interested in food-related initiatives which help communities get involved in growing, cooking, and saving money by throwing away less food.

Activities for children

Looking to keep children entertained? Scrapstores offer a range of clean scrap materials, perfect for creative play activities at community events and at home.

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