Community clutter-busting

Get swishing, swapping, reusing for fun or supporting good causes by cutting waste. There are many ways to cut the clutter without filling your bin and to encourage your community to get involved.

Run your own reuse event

Woman sorting children's books, toys and games for reuseCheck out our helpful “how to guides” for organising your own swap shop, swishing party or jumble fund-raising.

Another simple idea is to run a Freecycle day like Green Wedmore  – it’s like a carboot sale only no money changes hands and people take home any items not passed on. Reminders for events can be found on Green Wedmore’s Facebook Page.

Pass it on

Help local good causes by telling people about opportunities to donate pre-loved items to support others directly or help with fund-raising.

Furnicare - affordable furniture and appliances for low income familiesThere is a fantastic network of Furniture Reuse Groups which support low income families access affordable furniture, appliances and more.

Other charity outlets are looking for a wide range of good quality items to sell to support their cause. Do encourage people to check suitability of items for donation – these will vary among organisations.

Encourage donation of unwanted clean safe materials to local Scrapstores, such as foam off-cuts, textiles and plastic lids, from businesses and households.  Local Scrapstores sell on these materials at a low cost to schools and community groups for reuse in arts and craft projects.

Collecting items for charities / fundraising

If you have suitable storage space, your group could help your community support a good cause and pass on reusable items needed for a particular charity appeal or fundraising. Do check the types of items and quality required for the charity appeal before you start collecting. For more useful links, see More ways to reuse: Charities.

If you are interested in recycling for fundraising, there are companies which offer services to do this. Examples include M & J Bowers for textiles and for cartridge and device recycling, and more. Some schemes are aimed at schools fundraising such as or

Try an online search for “recycling for charity” or “recycling for schools” as appropriate to explore options which may suit you. Please note we cannot endorse any schemes or companies.

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