Waste Action Conference 2012

The 2012 Somerset Waste Action Conference brought together national experts and local community groups to plan a growing range of activity to help residents waste less, save more and protect the environment.

SWP Waste Conference

Linked to Somerset’s new waste prevention strategy, the conference attracted dozens of organisations – from green groups to parish councils, food clubs to Freecycle networks – to discuss co-operation plans for 2013.

Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) Managing Director Steve Read highlighted the progress already made by residents raising recycling rates to 51% and reducing overall waste levels – refuse and recycling – below a tonne per household but said there was more that could and should be done.

Behaviour change expert Jayne Cox from consultants Brook Lyndhurst said recycling was far better understood than waste reduction, for which families needed help in three stages, from reuse, such as charity donations, to household efforts, such as composting, and changing consumption choices.

Love Food Hate Waste campaign advisor Marlene Taylor offered clear evidence of the UK’s wasteful ways as the average family with children throws away £680 of food a year, but said help was available in the form of free training to “cascade” know-how through communities.

Workshops explored how households could save cash on food, engaging communities in waste reduction, and actions underway in Somerset.

SWP Strategy Team Leader David Mansell urged local groups to take the lead helping residents cut waste by working together and with SWP in future.

The event prompted positive reactions – “inspiring”, “enjoyable”, “excited” –with participants saying it was good “getting together with like minded people to share ideas”, and “great if this conference was an annual event”.

Many offered follow-up community action pledges, from organising give-away, swap and “shwop” events, to encouraging others to cut waste, and “get our parish magazine to substitute food and waste tips for its unfunny jokes”.


Somerset Waste Action Conference, plenary presentations (pdf 2.8 mb total, four files)

Breakout Sessions:
Engaging your community in behaviour change (pdf 1.7 mb)
Love Food Hate Waste – free resources we can offer your community (pdf 2.8 mb)
Somerset Showcase (pdf 4.2 mb)

Funding opportunities: Click here for details about Neighbourhood Learning for Disadvantaged Communities 2012-13 (pdf 201 kb)

Somerset Waste Action –
Get the Green Routine to help your community.

Saturday 29 September 2012
The Canalside, Marsh Lane, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 6LQ

09.30 Registration with tea and coffee
10:00 Welcome and benefits for your community
Steve Read, Managing Director of Somerset Waste Partnership (Click here for presentation 240 kb)
10:10 Keynote: How to encourage waste prevention – learning lessons from UK projects and research to achieve behaviour change
Jayne Cox, Director, Brook Lyndhurst
Project director on groundbreaking waste-related studies for Defra and WRAP (Click here for presentation 1.6 mb)
10:30 Question and answer session
10:35 Love Food Hate Waste
Marlene Taylor, Local Partnership Advisor, WRAP (national not-for-profit organisation working to recycle more and waste less) (Click here for presentation 1.1 mb)
10:45 Question and answer session
10:50 Tea and coffee break
11:20 Breakout Session 1 choose from three options (see below)
12:00 Move to next session
12:05 Breakout Session 2 choose from three options (see below)
12:45 Getting involved – bringing Green Routine to your community
David Mansell, Strategy & Communication Team Leader, Somerset Waste Partnership
13:00 Lunch and networking
14:00 Close

Breakout session

Option 1: Engaging your community in behaviour change

Explore ways to engage your community in behaviour change and use low cost communication tools to reach a wider audience. This session includes a workshop element to identify communication tools to help your organisation participate in Green Routine 2013, and encourage your members to share top tips, take part in fun activities and tackle simple challenges that can make a big difference. (Click here for presentation pdf 1.7 mb)

Jayne Cox, Director, Brook Lyndhurst; Somerset Waste Partnership’s Nick Cater, Senior Communications Officer, and Beth Prince, Strategy Officer.

Option 2: Bringing Love Food Hate Waste to your community

Wasting food costs the average family with children £680 a year. Find out how to help people save food and money by running a successful Love Food Hate Waste campaign in your community, and about all the free practical tools and training available to help you. (Click here for presentation pdf 2.8 mb)

Marlene Taylor, WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme)

Option 3: Somerset Showcase brings together a wealth of waste prevention activity already happening in Somerset in a series of mini-presentations.

Join representatives from, Carymoor Environmental Trust, Somerset’s Compost Champions scheme, community radio, local furniture reuse groups, a local cycle repair (youth training) project, and transition towns and environmental groups. (Click here for presentation pdf 4.2mb)

Somerset Showcase

Somerset Showcase session brings together a wealth of waste prevention activity already happening in Somerset in a series of mini presentations.

Cut waste, cut costs – helping our community develop skills
Rupert Farthing, Carymoor Environmental Trust

Somerset’s Compost Champion scheme
Steve Mynard, Compost Champion scheme

Neighbourhood Learning in Disadvantaged Communities: funding opportunities
Andrew Norris, Somerset Skills and Learning

Giving it away: how to organise a community freecycle day
Rob Richley, Wedmore Green Group

Supporting local low income families through furniture reuse
Maureen Pasmore, Joint Chief Executive, SSVCA representing Furnicare

Bringing generations together sharing cycle repair skills
Sam Lewis, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon cycle project

About the keynote speaker Jayne Cox, Director, Brook Lyndhurst

Jayne is a founding director of Brook Lyndhurst, an independent consultancy specialising in sustainable development projects. She leads work on waste and resources and is heavily involved in environmental behaviour change work.

Jayne led a groundbreaking study on waste behaviour in 2001 which was cited in a Cabinet Office review on waste and fed into early development of WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign. She was involved in the development of WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign, including through extensive consumer research on food waste attitudes and habits.

Other recent projects have included consumer research on food waste collections, evaluation of 35 Defra-funded projects delivering sustainable consumption in their communities and of Nesta’s Big Green Challenge, and working with Hampshire County Council and local groups on the Small Changes Big Difference project to support individuals live more sustainably.

About Marlene Taylor and WRAP (Waste Resources Action Programme)

Marlene Taylor currently works for WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) which was set up in 2000 as a not-for-profit company backed by government funding from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  WRAP plays various roles in helping and supporting businesses and individuals to reap the benefits of reducing waste and using resources in a more efficient way. More details about WRAP can be found at www.wrap.org.uk.  WRAP is better known for two national consumer-facing programmes:  Recycle Now (www.recyclenow.com) and Love Food Hate Waste (www.lovefoodhatewaste.com).

Marlene has worked for WRAP since 2005 in various advisory roles, and now currently as a Local Partnership Adviser on Love Food Hate Waste, offering free community training and advice on how individuals can manage food better in the home, saving money in the process. Prior to this, she worked for three Local Authorities in various waste-related roles.


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