Reduce: Love Food Hate Waste

Love Food Hate Waste aims to reduce the millions of tonnes of food and drink wasted in the UK each year.  A fifth of what we buy is thrown away, costing the average family nearly £700 a year.  Most of this food and drink is or once was, perfectly good to eat and drink.

About food waste

Each year, about 7 million tonnes of food and drink is wasted by UK homes, of which more than half of this food and drink we could have eaten.  Wasting this food costs the average household £470 a year, rising to nearly £700 for a family with children, the equivalent of around £60 a month.  As if this cost is not enough, you then pay again to treat the waste – 70% of this is picked up by the local authority and the rest is poured down the drain.

Food waste makes up around 15% by weight of all household waste in Somerset.  Most of this waste occurs through cooking and preparing too much or not using food in time.  People are getting more food wise, but there is still more that we can do to make better use of food and save money too.

Somerset Waste Partnership supports the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

Shopping with a list

There are many quick and easy ways to cut down the amount of food we discard and save money too!  Download below tasty recipes or money saving tips for more information.  If you are a Food Lover and want to hold your own Love Food Hate Waste event, whether it is a coffee morning with friends or a stall at a local fete, then click on Food Lovers events for help.

The best thing that can happen to food is that it makes it to our plates and is enjoyed. However, some food waste is inevitable.  Egg shells, banana skins and tea bags are never going to be on the menu.  Home composting is a great way to stop this sort of waste ending up in landfill, and our gardens will really thank us for it.

Most residents in Somerset receive a kerbside food collection service.  Use this for any food not home composted or eaten.  The food waste collected is processed into good quality soil improver or fertilizer.

Money saving tips

Your fridge and freezer can greatly extend the shelf-life of your food at home, reducing the amount you throw away and saving you money on your food bill.  Take time to find out what is in your store cupboards – make sure you have enough staple foods to make tasty meals.  Don’t forget to use up any items near their use-by date or lovely leftovers from a previous meal – visit our tasty recipes section to help you get creative in the kitchen.

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Tasty Recipes

UK homes throw away 5.8 million whole potatoes untouched every day, and 24 million whole slices of bread every day. Most food is wasted because we cook more than we need or simply let it go off.  Here are a couple of tasty recipes to save the simple spud.

Potato, bacon and feta omelette (pdf 91 KB)
Vegetable rosti cakes (pdf 84 KB)

For more ideas for using up other food items, visit

Promote Love Food Hate Waste in your community

Support materials and/or training are available to help you pass on food-saving tips in your community. From hosting ready-made display information to running your own Food Lovers event or activities, there are lots of ways to help your community reduce food waste and save money.

If you care about good food, cutting costs, and driving down waste why not become a Somerset Food Champion and join our network of volunteers? We will show you easy ways to save money and slim your food bin, and all you have to do is pass on those ideas to friends, neighbours and others in a way that suits you. We are not looking for experts. You just need to be keen to waste less, recycle more, save cash – and help others do the same.