Green Routine 2013

Hundreds of individuals and local groups across the county got involved in the big Somerset campaign of 2013 to take action on waste.

Banner Green RoutineGreen Routine 2013 was a free year-long campaign, with 12 monthly themes, to help people in Somerset minimise waste, save money and have fun developing positive habits with long-term benefits.

Hundreds of local people registered to join in at home, receiving a monthly e-bulletin with helpful tips, handy tools and fun things to develop their Green Routine. The campaign also promoted fun local events supporting awareness, skills and activities to help reduce waste and provided training to become Food Ambassadors or Compost Champions.

After the campaign we asked those involved to complete a survey. See what Green Routiners said about their experience over the year, how they cut waste and slimed their bin.

You can still join in by picking a theme and choosing activities to suit your family. Why not use the Green Routine record sheet (PDF 37 KB) to see how much you can cut your waste throughout the year?

Scores of local groups and keen individuals became Green Routine partners, supported by free tools, training and a monthly email to provide ideas and help run their own local waste reduction campaigns or events in the community.

Somerset Waste Partnership would like to say a big thank you to everyone who got involved and shared their ideas and top tips.

Green Routine 2013 – what a difference a year makes

Green Routine activities at home

January – New year, new me. Love Food Hate Waste: meal planning and perfect portions

February – Pass it on. Giving unwanted items a new home, supporting charities.

March – Check out your packaging. Learn how packaging is changing, lower packaging options and how to report over-packaged items.

April – Greener gardening. Composting tips, grow your own food, and practical reuse around your garden.

May – Make money, save money, cut waste. Why buy when you could hire, borrow or share? Money-saving and money-making tips for seldom used items

June – Savvy storage. Love Food Hate Waste: storage tips and understanding date labels.

July – Cut the clutter. Making the most of second hand markets – in your community and online – and having fun swapping stuff for free.

August – Get creative with reuse. Fun, craft and practical uses for everyday items around the home. Let your imagination flow.

September – Make do and mend. Take a fresh look at repair options – find people in the know or have a go – learn or share skills to save your stuff. (See November for consumer rights advice to help get things fixed or replaced when they go wrong).

October – Tasty treats. Love Food Hate Waste: creating tasty dishes from leftovers, great ideas for Halloween parties.

November – Gadget control. Discover your hidden treasure – sell, donate or recycle your electronics, and save money on batteries with rechargables. Know your consumer rights to repair or replace faulty goods.

December – Dreaming of a Green Christmas. Maximum fun, minimum waste: low-waste gifts and entertaining for super-saving fun festivities.