Many high-street charity shops and charity organisations accept donations of a wide range of items which they can reuse and re-sell to raise much needed funds.

Most charity shops sell everyday items such as bric-a-brac, CDs, clothing DVDs and toys, so please consider donating your unbroken and unwanted items to a charity shop rather than sending to landfill.

A number of charities also collect items such as foreign currency, mobile phones, printer cartridges, and stamps which are recycled or refurbished to raise funds.

To donate good quality furniture and working electrical appliances, see furniture and appliance reuse.

Ask your local charity shop if they are interested in clean reusable bubble wrap or packaging material for wrapping sale goods.

To find your nearest charity shop outlet, see Charity Retail Association website.

Plastic bottle tops

Charity fundraisers able to collect or deliver large quantities of milk bottle tops – washed clean and free of any paper, rubber or foil inserts or labels – can contact recycling firm GHS.  Details: