Recycle: Recycling points at shops

Producers and retailers have a legal responsibility to recycle some items. In some cases, such as for electrical appliances and packaging, they do so by working with local authorities. In some cases, they offer in-store collections or a recycling service for old appliances when delivering new.

Household batteries: many retailers collect batteries for recycling – for details of local stores with collection points see Recycle Now or Recycle More.

Carrier bags and plastic film: carrier bags are collected at most large supermarkets; some are now also accepting plastic film packaging, which is labelled as suitable for recycling, in the same store recycling bins – the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme provides more details.

Low-energy light bulbs: a few retailers have collection points for low energy light bulbs – for details of local stores with collection points see Recycle Now or Recolight.

Inhalers: many pharmacies collect old inhalers for recycling. 

Medicines – should be returned to a pharmacy or chemist for safe disposal.

Plastic bottle tops: The cosmetics retailer Lush (2 North Street, Taunton, TA1 1LH) collect bottle tops, not just from their own products, but also milk, juice and drink bottle tops for recycling.  Please remove any foil, metal or inserts and clean tops please. 

Alternatively, please see our Charities page.

Spectacles: some opticians collect old spectacles, which are donated to charities who send them to developing countries – see Vision Aid Overseas.

Disposal of WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.  You can often take unwanted small household appliances, lighting equipment, smoke alarms and electrical tools back to your local electrical retailer for recycling.  Alternatively, take to your local recycling centre or site. Always delete sensitive information from electronic items, and remove sims from mobile phones.

Water filters: If you use a BRITA branded water filter some retail outlets have collection points.  See BRITA website for more information.

Batteries and low-energy light bulbs are also collected for recycling at all of Somerset’s recycling sites.