Go green at Halloween

Child holding pumpkin with recycling logo carved into it.

Pumpkin flesh can be turned into delicious soup and pies – there are plenty of recipes on the web – and the seeds can be toasted.

If you do not compost your pumpkins at home, put them out alongside (if too big) or inside food waste bins for the normal kerbside collection.

Recycle old clothes or buy items from charity shops rather than getting new costumes.

Double bagged to keep dry, clothes and shoes – tied in pairs – can later be added to kerbside recycling boxes or taken to recycling sites.

Take plastic bottles and card to recycling sites or put them in your recycling boxes.

And there are potential savings if you hold back a few seeds, plant them next spring in well-rotten compost and take care of the new plants to ensure a crop for  next 31 October.