Recycling sites and points

There are a number of options in Somerset for taking or supplying waste for recycling and disposal.

Recycle for all its worth logoThere is a network of Recycling Centres and Community Recycling Sites thoughout the county where a wide range of household materials can be recycled and other household waste can be deposited for disposal.

Follow links on left for locations, opening times and more about recycling centres.

A guide to recycling and waste services in Somerset (pdf 257kb)  is also available to download, which provides details for all of SWP’s main services including recycling sites and kerbside collections.

There are alternatives to using recycling centres, including skip hire, and donating suitable furniture and appliances for reuse as well as many more ways to allow items to be reused.

There are some recycling bring banks in car parks and other locations in Somerset, although many have been withdrawn as their use has declined with most households using kerbside recycling collections.

An increasing number of shops have recycling collection points for items such as batteries, carrier bags, inhalers, plastic film, spectacles and low-energy light bulbs.