Site safety and assistance

Somerset Recycling Centres and sites are managed by Viridor on behalf of the Somerset Waste Partnership.

Recycling centres have heavy machinery operating and a constant flow of traffic so it is important to take care to ensure your safety and that of other users and staff. Please adhere to the following site safety rules when using our centres.

•    Ask site staff for advice and assistance if needed.

•    Please assess the traffic situation when entering site, then drive carefully and follow the directed traffic routes.

•    Observe the speed limits at all times and give consideration to pedestrians and other vehicles using the site.

•    If bringing children onto the site. Please keep them with you at all times as you are responsible for their safety.

•    Animals must remain in your vehicle at all times.

•    Keep your personal belongings and car secure when you are away from your vehicle.

•    Whilst using access steps, ensure you do not obstruct your vision, and use the handrails when possible.

•    Refrain from climbing onto or into the skips, seek assistance from staff if you need to retrieve an item.

•    Respect and adhere to all of the site Information Signs and Safety Notices.

•    Wear footwear that encloses and protects your feet. Open toed footwear is not suitable.

•    Consider wearing gloves to protect your hands.

•    Please do not attempt to remove any items from the site.

•    Consider the weight and size of your load to ensure you are able to deposit it safely. Site staff can help with bulky items but may not be able to help if waste is unreasonably heavy.

•    Please note site staff will not assist with the unloading of asbestos.  For advice on disposing of asbestos visit our asbestos disposal page.

•    Please comply with any request or instruction given by the Viridor or SWP site staff.

•    Do not take explosives, ammunition or fireworks to a recycling centre for disposal – see hazardous waste for guidance.

•    Please note that you cannot take petrol and diesel to the recycling centres. Petrol and diesel should be taken to a garage for reuse or disposal.

•    It may be necessary to close the site at short notice due to severe weather, or for skip movements or site maintenance.  This is at the discretion of the site manager.

•    Please treat the site staff with respect.  They are there to help you.