Recycling banks


Following a restructure of our current collection contractor for the recycling bank services in Sedgemoor, they are no longer able to continue to provide this service.

Unfortunately, with the falling values of material over the last few years and the low quality of product collected from these banks, we have been unable to engage another service provider.

It is with regret that Somerset Waste Partnership will no longer be able to provide this service after October 2015 with the removal of containers and clearing of sites taking place over the first few weeks of November.

Signs were placed around these sites notifying users of the removal of these banks during October 2015. As an alternative, please take your recycling to your nearest recycling centre for disposal or use the kerbside collection service.

A number of charities and organisations such as the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance maintain recycling banks to raise funds.  See Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance or Salvation Army for more information.

In order to reduce incidents of fly-tipping and inconsiderate dumping of material, the independently run charity banks will also be removed from the sites in Sedgemoor where they have previously shared access and the charities will decide whether they wish to return to these locations at a later date.  Charity banks at other locations will not be affected.

An increasing number of shops have recycling collection points for batteries, carrier bags and low-energy light bulbs.