Reuse and shops at recycling sites

Giving reusable items a new lease of life is better than recycling, so please consider Freecycle or similar online networks, charity shops and furniture reuse stores before you come to site.

When materials are deposited at recycling sites, they become the property of site contractor Viridor. Separated materials are sent for recycling or reuse. Waste that cannot be recycled is currently landfilled.

Due to safety considerations, lack of adequate space and traffic access limitations, items deposited at most recycling sites cannot be taken by or sold to site users.

Most sites have a licensed reuse merchant, with whom special arrangements have been made to reclaim reusable items and sell them. Details are available at each site.

SWP is currently working with sites operator Viridor to develop reuse shops and other trials to allow more items taken to recycling sites to be reused.

Working with Sedgemoor Furniture Store, the first trial for furniture was set up at Highbridge Recycling Centre. In February 2014, this trial was expanded to divert reusable household paint as well as furniture. 

Reuse Shop at Taunton

Under slogan buy it or bring it, just don’t bin it, the Reuse Shop at Taunton’s Priorswood recycling centre opened in 2013 to offer furniture, sports equipment, kitchenware and much more at great prices seven days a week 8am-4pm. Find it at the Crown Industrial Estate, Priorswood, Taunton TA2 8QY, or phone 07985 438897 to ask about specific items.

Our Facebook page often has recent images of the stock at the Reuse Shop, which celebrated its first year in business in late 2014.

Reusable paint for the community

In Highbridge there is a new way to pass on your unwanted reusable paint to help Somerset communities.

Old paint tinsSomerset Waste Partnership (SWP) is working with recycling centre operator Viridor, to support Sedgemoor Furniture Store’s initiative to join the Community RePaint network.

Community RePaint is a network of local schemes which prevents usable paint from being wasted and makes it available at a price which means those least able to afford to decorate have an opportunity to improve their surroundings.

Locally Sedgemoor Furniture Store in Bridgwater currently sells surplus paint from commercial sources.

Reusing paintTo help boost the quantity of paint for resale, SWP has set up a trial in Sedgemoor so that household paint taken to Highbridge Recycling Centre is segregated by site staff and reusable paint is set aside for Sedgemoor Furniture Store. This paint is sold at affordable prices to local families in need or groups which support the community.

During the trial we hope to learn how much reusable paint is taken to Highbridge Recycling Centre and if it is cost effective for the parties involved. If the trial is successful, SWP will consider developing similar arrangements at other Somerset recycling centres.

Please note paint donations can not be accepted at Sedgemoor Furniture Store and is only accepted at the collection point at Highbridge Recycling Centre.