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  1. Beware: how your barbecue could cause a bin blaze

    Enjoy that summer barbecue but take care to not start a fire by discarding the ashes into your rubbish bin or black sacks, Somerset Waste Partnership is warning. Drench ashes with water or let them cool completely to avoid a rubbish fire threatening your home and family or causing a blaze in a waste truck […]

  2. Waste advice on Glastonbury traffic, and the heat

    Residents in Mendip with waste collections during the Glastonbury Festival – Tuesday 20 June to Monday 26 June – are being urged to take early action to guard against disruption. Last year’s traffic delays and the knock-on impact on recycling and rubbish trucks caused missed or delayed collections for thousands of homes over several days […]

  3. Clear advice: simple ways to great glass recycling

    The kerbside collection service is a convenient way to recycle your old glass bottles and jars.  These can be of any colour and from soft or alcoholic drinks, jars that have contained jams, pickles, sauces and even bottles that have contained non-food items such as perfume and toiletries.  Just remove any caps, lids, decorations and […]

  4. Get composting for Compost Awareness Week

    During Compost Awareness Week, Somerset Waste Partnership is encouraging more residents to get composting with a fantastic offer promoted in partnership with Residents can purchase discounted compost converters from as little as *£17.98 and with the fantastic “Buy One Get One Half Price” offer, residents can purchase a second compost converter from only *£8.99 […]

  5. One day later bin reminder for Spring Bank Holiday

    The bank holiday has brought changes to collections for your family and every other home in Somerset. The Spring Bank Holiday on Monday 29 May means one-day-later pick-ups this week, including collections for Friday 2 June taking place on Saturday 3 June. Recycling sites remain on their usual schedules throughout this week, including all 16 […]

  6. All change at Easter with one-day-later collections

    Every household in Somerset will have Easter waste day changes, with kerbside collections due on Good Friday 14 April taking place on Saturday 15 April. No collections on Easter Monday 17 April mean all that week’s kerbside services are one day later, including Friday pick-ups on Saturday 22 April. Check what you can recycle here. […]

  7. Coping with your cardboard: tear, slice, crush, flatten

    Large ticket items purchased through on-line sales can result in packaging mountains descending on homes.  As a quick fix, many residents pile up the cardboard on their recycling day, which can cause problems for crews working hard to complete their rounds. Please do not overload your kerbside collection service.  Once the cardboard container on a […]

  8. Taunton Recycling Centre fully open after fire

    Taunton’s Priorswood Recycling Centre, including its Reuse Shop, is fully open after a fire in an adjoining building was tackled by the fire service last week. The site was temporarily closed on Friday 10 March but no one was injured and the fire was not in an area used by the public. A spokesman for […]

  9. Fall in love with food – yes, every mouthful matters

    Food is produced with oodles of love and together we can make a real difference by throwing away less food from our homes. To help anyone do better in making their love for food go further, Sustainable Wells Food Group and Somerset Waste Partnership invite you to Kitchen Confidential, a special event to unlock the […]

  10. Sorting paper inequality in recycling quality quest

    When it comes to recycling, not all paper is the same. There are significant differences in paper quality, from the nature of the fibres to any coatings on the surface. That is why some paper is collected in one box at the kerbside, while other sorts of paper should go in the second box with […]