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  1. Windy, wet or worse – full weather and waste guide

    Wet and windy weather can affect kerbside collections and recycling sites. Please find below our advice on weather and waste, including dealing with high winds to prevent your waste becoming a mess down your street. Until your waste is collected, it remains your responsibility.   High winds, rain, ice and snow can all hamper kerbside […]

  2. Somerset gives green light to Recycle More

    Approval has been given to the new Recycle More weekly kerbside collections that are planned to take the dozen existing materials, including food, and add plastic pots, tubs and trays – long urged by many Somerset residents – as well as household batteries and small electrical items. Taking extra materials each week will see recycling […]

  3. Festive waste collections still one day later this week

    The joyous celebrations of Christmas and New Year can also be occasions of cost and bulging rubbish bins, or a great chance to recycle much more, waste far less, save money and create a great family holiday. Here is our full guide to the festive season, from the details of all waste services to easy […]

  4. Recycling your plastic bottles could not be simpler

    Once you have used up the contents of plastic bottles from around your home – from drink, cosmetic, cleaning and grooming, they should go into your recycling box, not the landfill bin. Simply empty the contents, give the bottles a rinse to remove the residue using left-over washing-up water.  This is particularly important if the […]

  5. Floods, Cheddar Recycling Centre, open

    Tuesday 22 November 2016, Following the early closure of the centre on Monday due to localised flooding, Cheddar Recycling Centre is open as usual. For updates on travel across Somerset, visit Thank you for your patience.

  6. Dark waste warning on Black Friday packaging problem

    With pre-Christmas sales well underway since October, the next challenge for consumers trying to waste less while holding  onto their cash is the four-day marketing heave between Black Friday and Cyber Monday – 25 to 28 November. Whether a bargain bonanza or a right rip-off, the main result of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is […]

  7. Do not dump those plastic bottles in your landfill bin

    Are you sure you are recycling all the plastic bottles from around your home?  Are you quite sure?  The Somerset kerbside recycling service accepts more bottles than just those that contained milk or fizzy drinks.  So what do we take? We accept a whole host of plastic bottles.  From the kitchen and bathroom we take […]

  8. Waste warning for bonfire night blaze haze hazard

    Using your Guy Fawkes bonfire as an opportunity to burn unwanted old furniture or household waste could really spoil the party, from a haze of risky fumes to the hazard of explosions. Setting light to rubber, foam or plastic rubbish causes pollution, while burning glass, cans or aerosols risks explosions.  Never put treated wooden furniture, […]

  9. Tricks and treats for your fun-filled family fear-fest

    Halloween on 31 October is upon us; that festival of ghosts, ghouls and horrible increases in waste. Simple tricks and treats, from great food to home-made costume capers, can ensure your family-friendly-fear-fest is a chance to enjoy saving money, materials and time, and will not leave your wheelie bin trembling at your wasteful ways. To […]

  10. Free one-day course on offer to find Food Champions

    Are you keen to meet new people in your community or develop your skills and confidence helping others? If so, do not miss this autumn’s training opportunities to join our volunteer Food Champions with a one-day course this coming weekend. Somerset’s Food Champions scheme is expanding its network of volunteers who help local residents save money […]