Somerset Recycle Week is up and running!

Somerset Recycle Week is up and running!

Welcome to Somerset Recycle Week Monday 26 September – Sunday 2 October 2022

At more than 56%, Somerset’s recycling rate is higher than it has ever been, with improvements across the board in both the growing amounts residents recycle and the reduction in rubbish tonnages with the new and expanded Recycle More kerbside collections now a major success across the county.

The drop in rubbish and jump in recycling is thanks to the daily efforts of Somerset families to recycle at home and when out and about, plus the hard work by the staff of Somerset Waste Partnership’s (SWP) two key contractors, SUEZ for kerbside collections and Biffa for recycle sites.

Of course, there is always more to do. So, this week SWP is sharing information, highlighting progress and promoting top tips to help make great recycling part of the county’s vital DNA.

As part of that, this week sees publication of the latest Somerset Recycling Tracker, showing how much families recycled, where it went, what it became and the carbon saved. Check out the 2021-22 Recycling Tracker report here:

Look out for new video guidance on how to sort your recycling and a live online Talking Café Q&A about recycling on Wednesday 28 September, hosted by the Community Council for Somerset – full details here:

We will also be able to share the latest new on the impact of Recycle More, including the staggering amounts of new materials collected from the county’s kerbsides.

For what to recycle kerbside:

For details of your recycle sites:

Check all your collection days via My Collection Day at

The latest Recycling Tracker report:

Details of ways to recycle more plastics in Somerset:

Details of TerraCycle and its schemes to recycle niche materials here:

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