Stay safe and waste less on Bonfire Night

Stay safe and waste less on Bonfire Night

Simple steps can ensure Somerset families have a safe and low-waste bonfire night.

As always, it is essential that everyone heeds advice from the fire service and other experts.

A key tip is to have buckets of water ready to drench embers and soak used or part-spent fireworks so that none can cause a potentially fatal fire if later added to your rubbish.

More positively, bonfire party food is a great opportunity to use up leftovers.

Here is a five-point bonfire night plan:

1 Build your bonfire with care from the right materials, such as garden waste, natural wood, cardboard boxes and paper wastes. Do not use furniture, plastic, tyres, rubber, foam, paints, oil or other potentially hazardous materials.

2 Watch for wildlife by checking the bonfire for hedgehogs or other creatures hiding within the pile. And protect pets by warning local people about any fireworks or fire that could disturb animals.

3 Have water buckets ready to drench embers and used or part-spent fireworks, and never put undrenched embers or fireworks into your rubbish as that could cause high-risk bin blazes.

4 Raid fridge, freezer and cupboards for leftovers to make great party food, such as fillings for baked potatoes or toasties and toppings for pizzas on a cold night.

5 Don’t set off sky lanterns because of the fire risk and danger to wildlife from the remains.

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