Important: Recycling sites network open on winter hours

Communal collection services

Blocks of flats and communal properties usually have large shared bins provided for recycling and refuse.

Materials currently recycled are:

  • Paper – newspapers, magazines, leaflets, directories, white envelopes (no need to remove windows) and other white paper.
  • Glass bottles and jars – no table or cookware.
  • Food and drink cans – rinsed and squashed if possible; no need to remove labels. Aerosols can be recycled with cans too but please ensure they are empty and do not squash or pierce.

Recycling boxes and food bins may be provided for individual use if there is an accessible and easily seen collection point.  In future we hope to be able to recycle more materials, such as cardboard and plastic bottles, from communal recycling points.

Materials, including plastic bottles, drinks cartons, cardboard and cooking oil, and portable batteries can be taken for recycling at our recycling sites and to collection points at many shops.

Arrangements for communal collection points are usually made with site owners or managing agents.
Please contact us for further details.