Recycling collections – Due to Covid-19, kerbside teams are short staffed, severely impacting their ability to complete collections. We have made the difficult decision to concentrate staff on essential services only. This means that we cannot return for any missed recycling collections. We will prioritise your collection on your next scheduled day.


Complaint procedures

You can make a complaint or send a compliment using our online form:

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Or you can find contact details on our contact us page.

A SFN is a one-off contact about a problem, such as a missed collection or undelivered container, for which putting it right satisfies the customer.

In the event of an SFN, Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) will put a service failure right within two working days.

A Service Complaint is when a customer is dissatisfied with:

  • How we have dealt or not dealt with an SFN
  • Repeated SFNs
  • Standard of service received from SWP or our contractors
  • Quality of information or how it was communicated
  • Response by SWP or contractor to a service request
  • Actions, behaviour or attitude of SWP, contractor or a SWP or contractor staff member
  • Perceived harassment, bias or unfair discrimination

In the event of a Service Complaint:

  • We will reply within 10 working days, put matters right and improve for the future
  • Most complaints will be settled quickly and informally by putting matters right or giving an explanation
  • Sometimes a complaint will need to be put in writing so it can be investigated and fully answered
  • If we cannot provide a full response within 10 working days, we will let the customer know about the delay and when they can expect a full response.
  • If the customer remains unsatisfied, we will advise them how to contact the Local Government Ombudsman

A Policy Complaint is when a customer is dissatisfied with:

  • A policy or service rule agreed by democratically-elected representatives in a public process
  • Application or interpretation of such policies or legislation by a SWP or contractor staff member

In the event of a Policy Complaint, we will:

  • Explain as clearly as possible verbally or in writing why the policy was made, and/or the basis of our interpretation
  • Advise the customer who is responsible for making and reviewing the policy (such as SWB or partner authority)
  • Advise the customer of any steps we intend to take to seek further clarity
  • Advise the customer of the most appropriate member contact(s) for that issue
  • Reserve the right not to enter into protracted correspondence when we have explained our position
  • If the customer remains unsatisfied, advise them how to contact the Local Government Ombudsman