Bag a great bin deal to help your garden grow

Bag a great bin deal to help your garden grow

In International Compost Awareness Week, 5 – 11 May, SWP is reminding gardeners, both experienced and novice, that they can purchase competitively priced compost bins, food digesters, composting equipment and water butts through our partnership with

Somerset residents can purchase discounted compost converter bins from as little as £18.50 and with the fantastic “buy one, get one half price” offer, residents can purchase a second compost converter for only £9.25 – a great idea if you share the order with a family member or friend so two gardens can benefit.

Benefits of making compost at home include:

  • Turning your natural garden waste into a free nutrient-rich soil improver, as homemade compost contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • Sustainable and mileage free, producing this peat-free soil improver is an excellent way to help protect your local environment
  • Spreading home-made compost on your flower and vegetable beds encourages worms and other “mini-beasts” that will aerate your soil; great if you practice “no-dig” gardening
  • You can add vegetable peelings, apple cores, fruit peel, tea leaves and coffee grounds into the compost bin, helping to cut back food waste sent for commercial composting
  • Many of the brown materials needed in the perfect compost mix are easily found at home, including kitchen roll and loo roll tubes, and scrunched up cereal boxes and egg boxes
  • Less expected materials can be composted, from textiles that are 100% cotton or wool to sweetcorn cobs, natural corks, hair, herbivore pet bedding, sawdust, and carved pumpkins

For helpful hints and tips on home composting, click here.

For full details of composting equipment and water butts, click here. To order, click here or call 0844 571 4444.

(Note: “buy one, get one half price” offer available on selected products. One-off £5.99 delivery charge applies.)