COVID lockdown: Recycling sites stay open

COVID lockdown: Recycling sites stay open

2 November 2020 – Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) plans to keep the county’s recycling sites open during the second COVID national lockdown announced at the weekend.

As things stand, all 16 sites are expected to stay open on standard winter hours during the month-long restrictions that start on Thursday (5 Nov). Their current safety measures will remain in place.

With infections rising nationally and locally, SWP is also reminding people of Government guidance on how to dispose of personal waste if you have COVID symptoms or live in a household with someone who does.

Waste like tissues, facemasks and disposable cleaning cloths should be double-bagged in disposable rubbish bags and kept separate from other waste in the home for 72 hours.

It should then go into your rubbish bin outside your home and will be picked up in the usual rubbish collections.

All residents are asked to maintain a social distance from collection crews and wash and disinfect container handles before and after putting out recycling boxes and bins.

Near the end of the lockdown earlier this year, Government guidance clarified that visits to recycling sites are considered ‘permitted journeys.’

Somerset’s sites, which are operated by SWP’s contractor Viridor, already have measures in place to protect the public and staff. These will continue and include:

  • no one with COVID symptoms or those asked to shield should visit sites
  • strict social distancing must be followed
  • visitors are asked to wear gloves
  • visitors limited to a maximum of two per vehicle from the same household

Masks are discretionary and site staff are not able to give their usual assistance in lifting heavy or large items.

The Reuse Shop at Taunton Recycling Centre will be closed during the lockdown.