What to do with recycling if your collection is delayed

What to do with recycling if your collection is delayed

Monday 19 July – If your weekly collection is missed and delayed, you will need to store more recycling and have it for longer. Here are some ideas (not instructions or advice) for how to manage this extra waste – making more space, storing materials or dealing with stuff that has got to go. All the following depends on your circumstances and what works best for you.

Note: from recruitment – check all the jobs here – to training new drivers, and using smaller vehicles to collect bulky cardboard, work is continuing to address collection problems.

Food waste

  • Home compost where suitable. Check here for special offer (Garden tips and a special compost bin offer – Somerset Waste Partnership)
  • Keep the caddy somewhere cool and the food waste bin in the shade, and ensure lids are always closed.
  • If it really has to go now, put it in your rubbish bin – double-bagging will reduce any smells.
  • Or you can take it to a recycling sites (this must be double-bagged) and put it in the Energy from Waste skip.

Squash, crush or flatten materials

  • To make the most of the space in your boxes (and bag if you live in Mendip or South Somerset).
  • Plastic bottles – rinse, squash, tops back on.
  • Tins and cans – rinse and crush (if safe to do so)
  • Cardboard – flatten all boxes and tear up larger pieces.
  • Cartons/Tetra Paks (Recycle More in Mendip and South Somerset only) – rinse, squash, tops on.
  • Plastic pots, tub, trays (Recycle More kerbside in Mendip and South Somerset only) – rinse, nest/stack, squash.
  • Aluminium foil: Rinse, scrunch together.
  • Rubbish: If safe, loosely tie black sacks and completely squash all rubbish before adding to your rubbish bin. All recycle sites take black sack rubbish in the energy from waste skip (but may open them to check they do not contain anything that could be recycled).

Use a makeshift container

  • If you have too much for your recycling containers, put excess out in a cardboard box or another suitable container. (except glass – for safety reasons please only use the recycling boxes for glass bottles and jars).
  • Check with neighbours, friends and relatives if they have spare containers or space they can share.

Take it to a recycling site

  • If you have time and transport or help, all ‘dry’ kerbside recycling materials are taken at recycle sites, which are on their usual schedules. Details: https://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/allatall
  • Note: cartons/Tetra Paks are taken at 12 sites (not Castle Cary, Cheddar, Dulverton, Somerton), all other kerbside materials are taken at all 16 sites.

Other items

  • Batteries (kerbside in Mendip and South Somerset only): Can be dropped off any large supermarket or electrical store.
  • Small electrical items (kerbside in Mendip and South Somerset only): Consider whether the item could be repaired, such as for a donation via the growing number of repair cafes restarting in and around Somerset. Or see if the item could be sold or given away “for repair or spares” via social media or online sales sites.
  • Clothes and shoes good enough to be worn again: Offer to charity shops, friend, neighbours, relatives. All recycle sites take textiles and clothes and shoes of any condition.
  • Garden waste (if your paid-for collection is delayed): Compost in your garden, add branches to your nature-friendly “wild corner”, or take to recycle site.

For the more creative

  • Cardboard – Some can be composted or use to suppress weeds in the garden. Boxes large and small may be welcomed by eBayers, house movers and those with young children, while better quality card could be of interest to crafters.
  • Glass bottles and jars – Jam and chutney makers may soon appreciate the offer of jars, while others may value attractive or unusual bottles or jars.