Food waste collections

A “lockable” kerbside food box (brown)
Kitchen caddy (brown)

Use the food waste collections to recycle all cooked and raw food waste, including:

  • Meat and fish – including bones and carcasses that fit in your caddy
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Cheese and eggs
  • Bread, pasta and cereal
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds – including coffee filter paper
  • Pet food
  • Paper kitchen towel and napkins

Items we do not take on the food waste service

  • Plastic bags
  • Food packaging: aluminium foil, cardboard or plastic
  • Liquid food waste including cooking oil
  • Garden waste

Contact your local council customer services to report missed food waste collections.

Recycling and food waste should be put out on the edge of your property by 7am (as collection times can vary) and no earlier than the night before. Please take care not to obstruct pavements or roads and take bins back in as soon as possible after collections.

Please do not include food packaging or plastic bags.

Please do not use the food waste service to dispose of garden or any other household wastes.

To keep your kitchen caddy and food bin clean, use newspaper to wrap food or line your caddy, or buy special compostable liners, with the ‘looped seedling’ logo. Do not use other types of bags. Even those marked “biodegradable” do not degrade fully or quickly enough.

Place food waste in your kitchen caddy and then transfer it to the larger kerbside bin for collection. The lid “locks” when the handle is pulled forward and can be opened by moving the handle backwards. Please lock the lid when putting it out for collection to deter pests and avoid spills.

Wash your hands and surfaces after handling food, and store it away from heat with the lid closed.

To avoid problems from flies during hot weather, please follow our advice on storing food waste in hot weather.

In Somerset, separated food waste is taken to a special processing plant near Bridgwater to make green energy and a compost material to use on local farms.

Thank you for using the kerbside collection service to recycle your food waste rather than sending it to landfill.

You can order replacement food waste recycling containers here.