‘Give it away’ holiday food waste warning

‘Give it away’ holiday food waste warning

Heading off on holiday but still got a fridge full of food? Give it away or sort out good storage is the advice from Somerset Waste Partnership.

Many foods can be frozen until you get back with a tan, while neighbours and friends will welcome an edible gift before you go.

And a smart tip is to cook a meal and freeze it so there is something that can be defrosted when you get back without waiting for the shops to open.

Among the handy holiday hints:

  • You know when you are going away so make a meal plan now, buy only what you need until your departure, shop with and stick to a list, and eat into your fridge and freezer to save money so there is more for vacation treats.
  • Far more than most expect can be frozen, from bread, milk and cheese to eggs – separate yolks and whites or beat together – yoghurt, cooked meats, and many vegetables. Freeze any packaged frozen foods still in date.
  • Use an app like Olio to share food that would otherwise go to waste, or just make a list and message friends or knock on neighbours’ doors – research shows the vast majority of people would welcome a free gift of food.
  • Long journey to the airport, or travelling by car, coach or train? Make meals or snacks for the journey to both save food and – have you seen airport and on-board prices? – save yet more money for an even happier holiday.

Check here for more ideas on how to save food all year round.

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