June 2017

June 2017

Beware: how your barbecue could cause a bin blaze

23/06/2017 4:50 pm 

Enjoy that summer barbecue but take care to not start a fire by discarding the ashes into your rubbish bin or black sacks, Somerset Waste Partnership is warning.

Drench ashes with water or let them cool completely to avoid a rubbish fire threatening your home and family or causing a blaze in a waste truck or at a landfill site.

The last major landfill fire in Somerset took days to put out, while across the UK, people have died in fires that began in rubbish bins.

It is not just barbecue coals. Never add these danger items to your rubbish:

  • Hot ash or part-burned materials from domestic or garden fires or barbecues.
  • Used portable barbeques whose charcoal may not be completely cold.
  • Household or vehicle batteries that may short out or cause sparks.
  • Broken glass not carefully wrapped or bagged could act as a magnifying lens.
  • Aerosols may get hot or be pierced during the collection and landfill process.

The advice is simple in each case:

  • Let ash and portable barbecues completely cool, or fully damp down with water.
  • Recycle vehicle batteries through any one of Somerset’s 16 recycling sites.
  • Take household batteries to recycling sites or high street stores that collect them.
  • Carefully wrap and bag broken glass, which should also never go in recycling boxes.
  • Use up aerosols completely, do not squash, and then add them to recycling boxes.

A SWP spokesperson said: “It is simple to stay safe with rubbish and prevent fires. Fully damp down the barbecue and think through the risks so you do not put your loved ones in danger.”

Waste advice on Glastonbury traffic, and the heat

12/06/2017 9:37 am

Residents in Mendip with waste collections during the Glastonbury Festival – Tuesday 20 June to Monday 26 June – are being urged to take early action to guard against disruption.

Last year’s traffic delays and the knock-on impact on recycling and rubbish trucks caused missed or delayed collections for thousands of homes over several days for miles around the festival site.

While the festival is making efforts to avoid traffic problems, its new security arrangements and the hot weather affecting both vehicles and crews are additional factors that could lead to waste delays.

While no changes to collections are planned, householders are being given clear advice:

A SWP spokesman said: “Festival traffic trouble in 2016 caused waste disruption for thousands of families, so extra care this year is a good idea.

“Putting waste out the night before or, if you have time and transport, taking it to a recycling site – sorted in advance – are both easy ways to ensure you get rid of recycling and rubbish.

“Full details of services, recycling sites and latest news can be found at somersetwaste.gov.uk.”

Among the recycling sites accessible to residents around the Glastonbury Festival are:

  • Frome, open seven days a week, 8am-4pm.
  • Castle Cary, Cheddar and Street, open Monday 8am-7pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 8am-4pm, and Sunday, 8am-1pm.
  • Somerton and Wells, open Monday 8am-7pm, Thursday, Fridays, Saturday 8am-4pm, and Sunday, 8am-1pm.

Collections usually continue until 4pm but may be later during the festival if there are traffic delays or diversions.

If put out correctly and your waste has been missed, contact your local council customer services team to arrange a return collection, which is usually made within two working days.