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Latest News

The latest edition of the pioneering annual report, “Beyond the Kerb – Recycling to Resources”, shows how every tonne of recycling in Somerset has contributed to cutting our carbon footprint. In 2008, Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) was the first in the UK to publish detailed information on what happens to your recycling. Many others have… more

Festive waste collections – recycling and rubbish, assisted pick-ups and clinical waste but not garden waste – will be two days later after Christmas, including Friday collections on Sunday, and one day later after New Year. Kerbside collections Usual day – Revised day Mon 23 Dec – No change Tue 24 Dec – No change… more

Simple steps can ensure Somerset families have a safe and low-waste bonfire night. As always, it is essential that everyone heeds advice from the fire service and other experts.* A key tip is to have buckets of water ready to drench embers and soak used or part-spent fireworks so that none can cause a potentially… more

Simple steps can stop Halloween becoming a frightening waste of resources and cash with lots of single-use plastic, according to Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP). From costumes to the classic pumpkin, there are easy ways to reduce waste, reuse resources and recycle well to ensure the minimum ends up in landfill. Instead of shop-bought wear-once plastic… more

Clocks go back one hour on Sunday 27 October, and Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) says it is a useful reminder to stay safe by checking electrical equipment. Among the items SWP suggests worth checking are smoke detectors and other monitors for carbon monoxide and radon, fire alarms, anything with batteries and the batteries themselves, plus… more

Mendip will be the first area in Somerset to have the new Recycle More service from June 2020, Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) has announced. The new kerbside collections will see a wide range of extra materials added to weekly recycling collections: household and food plastic pots, tubs and trays, Tetra Paks and other beverage cartons,… more

Somerset Waste Partnership has proposed that the cost of garden waste collections be reduced, thanks to its deal with the new collections contractor SUEZ. From next April – if the five Somerset councils that make up the Partnership agree – the cost of a year’s fortnightly garden waste collections will not rise, as in recent… more

All of Somerset’s 16 recycling sites switch to their new winter timetables from Tuesday 1 October. When open weekdays, they will continue to start at 9am but close earlier, at 5pm. Year-round Saturday and Sunday hours remain 9am-4pm at all 16 sites. Summer hours – 9am-6pm when sites are open weekdays – resume on Wednesday… more

Got a bright orange permit to take your van or trailer to recycling sites? Has it got a 30 September expiry date? Do not worry or get a new permit. All permit holders are being told to ignore the 30 September 2019 expiry date and continue using their existing card or the emailed confirmation on… more

The Summer Bank Holiday on Monday 26 August means all collections of recycling, food waste, rubbish and garden waste as well as clinical and assisted collections during the week will take place one day later, including Friday pick-ups on Saturday 31 August. Recycling sites remain on their usual schedules, including all 16 open 9am-4pm on… more