Look good, feel good – add recycling to your routine

Look good, feel good – add recycling to your routine

Whether the morning routine is a quick shower or a slow bath, the cleanest people in Somerset can look good and feel good by raising their bathroom recycling rate.

New research by the Recycle Now campaign for Recycle Week – 25 September to 1 October – revealed that just 52% of bathroom items, from empty deodorants to finished fragrances, get recycled while the valuable glass, metals, plastics and card of the other 48% gets thrown away.

That compares with almost 90% of packaging found in the average kitchen being recycled into something new, such as aerosols returning as parts for mobile phones or dishwashers.

Under the slogan “what goes around comes around”, Recycle Week urges a bathroom routine rethink, such as adding a small bin in the corner or hanging up a drawstring bag to swiftly recycle bottles, jars and sprays after the last perfume spritz or the final shampoo squeeze.

Five top bathroom recycling tips:

  • Empty and rinse containers before they go in the recycling box
  • Remove and discard all flip tops, spray caps and nozzles
  • Squash everything except glass and aerosols, including all card
  • Involve children, make it a challenge, reuse items in craft projects
  • Leave those sharing the bathroom a lipstick reminder on the mirror

A Somerset Waste Partnership spokesperson said: “Most of us have bathroom routines, whether we’re getting ready to go to work or going out to a party. During Recycle Week, we want to shake up those routines so people look good and do good by recycling all they can.”

Check here for all that you can recycle at the kerbside each week or take to a recycling site.